Intensive One-On-One Photography Workshops Seattle for beginning and amateur photographers

Trishann Couvillion of Fire Eyes Photography offers Intensive One-On-One Photography Workshops  in Seattle for individuals interested in intensely building their Photographic knowledge foundations! Having been a Professional Photographer for over 8 years with over 18 years actual experience as a Photographer, as well as a BFA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography I am able to break down your knowledge to meet you Exactly where you are at so we can build from there.
The Intensive One-On-One workshops are a Great gift for friends, colleagues and loved ones and I offer Gift Certificates for One Session or Multiple Sessions!
If you need to start with understanding aperture and shutter speed, to understanding how to operate your camera in full Manual mode, to finding out which lenses works best for your interests, these Workshops will help you get there.  We can also go over RAW workflow using Photoshop, so you can find out all that you have control over once you upload the digital files to your computer. One-On-One Photography Tutoring can be a great, time efficient way to get all your questions answered and you can have the confidence that your actual Camera knowledge will increase within just a few hours. I offer 2-hour and 4-hour One-On-One Workshops and offer packages for multiple Sessions. Seattle Photography can be a great outlet for your creative interests with such beautiful surroundings and an endless supply of various photographic subjects. Our Workshops can include going over Technical camera applications, shooting together either outdoors or with Indoor Studio Lighting and Computer Applications for RAW workflow.
Before our Session I have you email me questions and your experience as well as a list of what you would like to learn. I tailor each Session to fit exactly what you need and want to learn. And once you are a student of mine, you will always have email access to me so you can ask questions and send me photographs you take for critique.
Sessions start at $335 and can range to $625 per One-On-One Intensive Photography Workshops in Seattle. Fire Eyes Photography is located in North Seattle and this is where the Workshops are held.

If you have questions and to inquire about One-On-One Intensive Workshops, please feel free to contact me HERE

About Trishann Couvillion

Best corporate event photographer and business & headshots photographer in Seattle. Many top Seattle and Silicon Valley companies work with Trishann Couvillion of Fire Eyes Photography. Well-known individuals such as Bill Gates, Dennis Miller, Christopher Gardner, Michael Lewis and many others have been photographed by Ms. Couvillion. Check out her corporate website @
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