June 1st proclaimed ‘Tom Douglas Day’ in King County by Dow Constantine and the SCVB

On Thursday at Tom Douglas’s Palace Ballroom, Dow Constantine arrived at to Seattle Convention & Visitors Bureau’s (SCVB) monthly board meeting, also on behalf of Tom Norwalk, CEO of the SCVB, to not only celebrate local Restauranteur Tom Douglas, but to also proclaim June 1st as “Tom Douglas Day” in King County.


© Fire Eyes Photography 2012 ~ Tom Douglas & Dow Constantine

Tom Douglas is devoted to Seattle and his commitment is shown in all 12 restaurants he owns throughout the city’s most coveted areas. He also makes his love of the area known with the local, sustainable ingredients he uses in his restaurants and with every book he writes. He and his business partner wife, Jackie Cross, also own and run Prosser Farm. This ensures tons of fresh local produce heads straight to his restaurants and the delectable menus that Douglas is renowned for.


© Fire Eyes Photography 2012 ~ Restauranteur Tom Douglas


© Fire Eyes Photography 2012

The SCVB got it right when they dubbed Douglas “a local gem.” All that Douglas has done to shape the culinary landscape of Seattle has definitely put the city on the map as a “dining destination.” It’s great to have local entrepreneurs who are passionate, inventive, and supportive of Seattle. It’s inspiring and makes it feel as though Seattle really is a small, connected town. Make sure to follow Tom Douglas on Facebook and Twitter at @TomDouglasCo!


© Fire Eyes Photography 2012

~By Trishann Couvillion of Fire Eyes Photography (@fire_eyes)

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