Photographs of Dr. Steven Hawking ~ The Pacific Science Center Luminaries Series Event

© Fire Eyes Photography ~ Dr. Steven Hawking ~ Pacific Science Center Luminaries Series Event

Famed theoretical physicist Dr. Steven Hawking was in Seattle this month for the Pacific Science Center Luminaries Series, which included a dinner and talk attended by VIP patrons of the Center.

© Fire Eyes Photography 2012 ~ Dr. Steven Hawking ~ Event @ the Four Seasons Hotel Seattle ~ Dr. Hawking with his son Robert, who lives in Seattle, in lower right corner photo.

His talk on evolution at the Paramount Theater was the Saturday after this dinner, held in his honor. The theater event included talks by:

  • Dr. Jack Horner, famed paleontologist who found the first clear evidence that some dinosaurs cared for their young. Dr. Horner also served as the technical advisor for all of the Jurassic Park films.
  • Dr. Leroy Hood, a renowned biologist, inventor, and entrepreneur. His prize-winning research is responsible for automating DNA sequencing, which revolutionized biomedicine and forensic science. His research has helped to unlock much of the mystery of human biology by helping decode the genome.

(Descriptions from the Pacific Science Center Luminaries Series event website.)

© Fire Eyes Photography 2012 ~ famed Theoretical Physicist Dr. Steven Hawking ~ He thoroughly enjoys making his audience laugh! ~ Pacific Science Center Luminaries Series

Dr. Hawking flew out from the UK with his assistants. It was truly wonderful to hear him share what it is like to use the “mechanical voice” provided by Intel-derived technology and how it became a tool for him. Dr. Hawking thoroughly enjoyed making us laugh as he told a few jokes. His humor, humility, and brillance were plain as day and I know we all appreciated that he spoke about his life and his work on a level that each and every one of us could understand. Some great information about his work and career can be found here on Wikipedia!

© Fire Eyes Photography 2012 ~ Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon & his wife, author Mackenzie Bezos meet Dr. Steven Hawking

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, and his wife, american novelist Mackenzie Bezos, were also in attendance to have the unique opportunity to meet the famed physicist. The evening was a great experience for the Seattleites in attendance, me included.

© Fire Eyes Photography 2012 ~ VIP guests enjoyed meeting Dr. Steven Hawking ~ Pacific Science Center Luminaries Series Event

Thanks to the Pacific Science Center (@PacSci), the Four Seasons Hotel Seattle (@FSSeattle), the Paramount Theater and supporters of this phenomenal series.

Photographs & article by Trishann Couvillion ~ Corporate Event Photographer of Fire Eyes Photography (@fire_eyes)

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